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At Blufish we know that sushi is not only food. Sushi is an experience. Our locations are designed in every aspect to offer the best dining experience. Check out our menu and visit one our locations today.




Freshly steamed soybean pods, hand tossed with sea salt

Dragon Fire

Soft shell crab, fresh water eel, asparagus, tuna, red tobiko, unagi sauce, chili oil

Oyster on the Half Shell

Fresh oyster, ponzu, Pico de Gallo, smelt roe, tobacco


Big eye tuna, super white tuna, albacore tuna sashimi flight

Truffle Yuzu Salmon

Fresh salmon sashimi, truffle yuzu sauce, microgreens

Crispy Rice Spicy Tuna

Deep-fried crispy rice, topped with spicy tuna, wasabi mayo, and sweet soy

Spicy Salmon Combo

Spicy salmon roll, 2 pc tuna nigiri, 2 pc salmon nigiri

California Combo

California roll, 2 pc tuna nigiri, 2 pc salmon nigiri


Vegetable tempura, spicy grilled tofu, fried rice, and shitake mushroom or asparagus roll

Grilled Salmon Salad

Grilled salmon, mixed greens, olive ginger dressing

Seared Tuna

Seared & sliced tuna loin, tomato, avocado, hibachi vegetables, miso beurre blanc sauce

Vegetarian Combination

5pc vegetarian nigiri, sweet potato tempura maki, veggie maki


Our Locations

Please visit the location-specific menu pages for more menu items at each of our locations.